Hello there! My name is Midori, and this is my own little corner of the World Wide Web.

Here's a little information about me, and some assorted links:

I live in Buffalo, New York, with my husband, Christopher Church. We've been married since 1998, and share our house with our two cats, Ari and Kerrigan.

My parents also live in Buffalo, and I have one sister, Mayumi, who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I currently work as a substitute teacher in the local private schools; I've also been a sales clerk for an Asian gift store, an office assistant, a library aide, and a supermarket cashier (never, ever again!).

I am an avid roleplayer and gamemistress (the feminine form of "gamemaster" :-), with experience in a variety of systems. I also have some experience with Play-by-E-Mail, real-time online gaming, and Live-Action games, but my first love as a player and GM has always been table-top (sometimes referred to as "face-to-face" or "pen[cil]-and-paper") roleplaying.

My other interests include reading and writing fantasy and fan fiction, science fiction fandom, and anime (pronounced "ah-nee-may," that's Japanese animation, for the non-initiated). I'm also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, under the name "Elspeth of Ravenskeep."

My favorite TV shows include Farscape, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Birds of Prey, and Smallville (gee, is there a pattern here? :-). Luckily, Chris likes those shows too, so there's no fighting over the TV most nights at our house. :-)

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