Ari—The Photo Album (Page 2)

Here are some more pictures of Ari. Just click on the thumbnails or follow the links to see the full-size pictures.

Pictures from Our House


Ari investigates my dresser shortly after we moved

Ari sitting tall on a bureau after the move

One of his favorite activities

A picture from the day he learned how to climb ladders

Lying in wait in his kitty tunnel

Ari plays with his kitty fishing pole on our couch


Ari relaxing on top of my computer monitor

Sitting on his stool, looking up at the top of the refrigerator

Ensconced under part of the end table

Comfy and cozy in the armchair

"How much is that kitty in the window? La, la, la..."

His Highness surveys his domain from atop the cat tree

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