Ari's Page

Ari is a brown tabby and white neutered male domestic shorthair (I think "domestic shorthair " is just another way of saying he's a mixed breed :-) cat. We figure that he was born sometime in May 1999, and was adopted by me and Chris from the Erie County, New York SPCA on February 20, 2000, when he was about nine months old.

Ari is a very outgoing cat; when we have visitors, he will come over to meet them. He likes to eat, and unabashedly enjoys his daily dinner ration of Whiskas moist cat food with great gusto. He also enjoys Pounce kitty treats and Kitty Bites. He loves to go outside for walks on his harness and leash, and often doesn't want to come back inside afterwards! His favorite toy is his Cat Dancer, and he likes to chase crumpled-up paper balls -- and rip them up after he catches them! He also loves catnip, but I have to be careful not to give it to him too often as it can cause him to get excited and increase his play aggression.

Ari is our "lap cat;" he loves to have his back and shoulders stroked, and often sits in my lap and purrs while I'm sitting in the armchair in our living room. He likes to "knead" things like the red throw on our couch, people's laps, and pillows, and often kneads my lap before settling down in it. Sometimes he'll even go to sleep in my lap! :-)

In case you were wondering, "Ari" is short for "Arislan." That's Persian for "lion," as well as the title of one of my favorite anime series, Heroic Legend of Arislan (or Arslaan Senki in the original Japanese); the series' protagonist is a young prince named Arislan. The name seems fitting using either meaning -- cats are related to lions, and Ari does often seem to think of himself as royalty! :-)

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