Midori's Kitties!

Ari and Kerrigan relaxing on our bed
Kerrigan and Ari relaxing on my and Chris' bed

Welcome to my page about my two cats, Ari and Kerrigan. They live with me and my husband, Chris, in our house in Cheektowaga, NY (just outside Buffalo). Ari is a male domestic shorthair, born in May 1999, and Kerrigan is a female domestic longhair, born in July 2000. They are both very well-behaved and generally affectionate, although Ari is more of a "lap cat" than Kerrigan; she's frequently on the go and doesn't like to be held for very long. When I do pick her up, she often scrambles up to stand on my shoulders! :-)

The fact that they look so much alike is entirely coincidental; they are not related, except by adoption. :-) They are quite accepting of each other as a rule, though they like to play with each other in a very rough-and-tumble way. They often stalk and pounce on each other; Chris and I have taken to referring to this behavior as "playing 'Hunt The Kitty.'" :-)

One bad habit we can't seem to break them of is clawing the carpet in our house. Chris and I just have to watch them, and give them a squirt with a spray bottle when we catch them scratching the carpet instead of their scratching post or cat tree.

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