A Campaign for Champions

Set in the fictional city of Santa Angela, California, Portals follows the adventures of the city's superheroes, as they try to combat both threats from within the city and the mysterious creatures that emerge from the extradimensional portals suddenly appearing all over Santa Angela.

This game incorporates elements of standard superhero comics, anime, science- and fantasy fiction, and other role-playing games.

At the present time, the game follows the adventures of the following heroes:

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If You're Interested in Joining the Game...

Portals is a tabletop Champions game played on alternate Saturday afternoons from September through April, during the first session of UB-SaRPA Open Gaming in Baldy Hall on SUNY Buffalo's North Campus (in Amherst, NY). Characters are created with 150 points, plus up to 100 points of Disadvantages. The game uses the Hero System Fifth Edition rules, available at better book, hobby and game stores, as well as directly from Hero Games.

If you would like to play in Portals, arrangements may be made with the GMs to create a character; for details, e-mail Midori at storytellingoddess@juno.com.

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