What is Fan Fiction?

Fan Fiction is a type of writing where the author borrows characters, places, events, ideas, whatever, from a pre-established, copyrighted entity. The author then takes said characters, etc., and creates her own stories about them. In the case of this site, I have borrowed settings, characters, and events from various anime series and roleplaying games.

Is Fan Fiction Legal?

Make no mistake, fan fiction is (technically) copyright infringement. I'm fully aware that pretty much everything that I "borrow" from said sources belongs to someone other than me. However, even though I am using all of these things without permission, I am making no attempt to copyright these same characters, settings, etc. and I'm not using them for profit. (If you have a problem with anything on this site that is protected under copyright law, just send me a message.) I do, though, own the pieces of prose and the original characters - I have created these characters and stories, by putting pen to paper or my fingers on the keyboard. So don't take anything from this site and put it on your own site, especially not without notifying me first!

For more information, see this rather handy essay on copyrights and fan fictions.

The above is an altered version of a similar page located on Bonus Parts, and is reproduced here with permission of the original author.
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